“Even if you don’t have a ready plan of what you want – we’ll help you achieve the result you’ve been dreaming of.”


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From design to life

Carino Design is a mock text produced with incomprehensible simplicity from the printing industry and using graphic designers. Printers and texts, but newspapers and magazines in columns and rows as necessary and for the current conditions of the technology required and diverse applications with the aim of improving practical tools.

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Design and planning

We will help you achieve the result you wanted.

Custom solutions

Individual solutions, stunning aesthetics for customers.

Layout and decor

We create and manufacture our own product design lines.

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How much does the building design cost? 

How much is the design price of the villa? What about the cost of designing a 5-story urban building? What is the cost of designing the Borj Bagh building in District 1 of Tehran?Unfortunately, the cost of designing a building in Iran does not have a precise and clear standard, and for example, the cost of designing a villa can range from 15 million tomans to one and a half billion tomans and even more. The price of building design according to the tariff of the engineering system is very unreasonable and low, and of course, it does not include many services provided by architectural offices, such as rendering, etc. Therefore, most offices do not have a clear process for calculating the cost of building design, and they usually determine the price of building design by looking at the client’s pocket.

In order to achieve as much transparency as possible, we at Karino Architecture Office have designed an architecture service pricing system to calculate the price of building design, which takes into account all the parameters affecting the cost of building design, including project specifications and services desired by the client, and Based on them, the project is priced completely transparently and online. In this way, you can at least be sure that we will announce the price of the building design based on the time we spend on your project and the services we provide, and we have nothing to do with the size of your pocket.

Why should I pay for building design?

Some believe that the cost of building design is extra. It is better to save this money so that it can be spent in the project. But the price of designing your building is a very small percentage of the total construction cost of the project, and maybe not having a good plan will waste millions of Tomans of your capital.

Imagine that two buildings are under construction next to each other. Bricks, materials, doors, windows, concrete, rebar, etc. are all common and relatively equal costs for both projects. But what creates difference and added value in the end is mainly related to the quality of building design.

We believe very seriously in design and pre-production! The clearer, more complete and more detailed the project problems are in the pre-production stage (design and production of technical documents), the less costs we will pay both in terms of time and money. In the design stage, any mistake, however excessive, can be compensated with a very small cost; But when we hit the start of construction, we don’t have a chance to make a mistake!

How to place an order and receive a proforma invoice?

The first step: characteristics of the land

First, determine the size of the land and the occupation level (the area you are allowed to occupy from the land and build a building on it) based on the area or percentage. In the following, you will roughly determine the slope of the land.

Second stage: project specifications

In this section, you first specify the subject of the project (construction or renovation) and the function of the building (residential, office, etc.). Then you determine the number of floors on the pilot and the basement to calculate the foundation of the construction. You also determine the location of the building and the size of the facades.

Third step: Your profile

At this stage, you send us your information so that the final invoice can be sent to your mobile number or email.

Get incredible interior design now!

At every stage, we can monitor your project – controlling all the details and consulting with the builders.

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The core values of the company

We are constantly growing, learning and improving, and our partners are constantly increasing. 200 projects is a significant number.

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